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Celtic dogs brooch / Celtic dogs pin handmade in Ireland by Aqua Fortress.

Celtic hound brooch / Celtic hound pin handcrafted on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

This handcrafted Celtic brooch is decorated with a circular Celtic Hound design, showing the use of animals as interlacing ornaments.

In Celtic myth tales hounds are emblematic of extreme loyalty, honour and courage.

From the Book of Kells, this is a unique interpretation of three dogs chasing the other’s tail. These three dogs represent the three beneficial phases of the dog. In ancient times the dog was a symbol for loyalty.

Second, the tribes depended on the dog for guarding.

Finally, it was the healing power of the dog that was widely respected. The name of the God Cuchulain is literally “ Hound of Culann”.

Highly polished brass, the dark hue of the contrasting etched Celtic hound design compliments the craftsmanship of this handmade Celtic pin from Ireland.

Soldered safety pin. Celtic jewellery handcrafted in West Cork, Beara, Ireland by Aqua Fortress.

Size diameter—3.5cm.

This handmade piece of Celtic jewellery from Ireland is supplied on an Aqua Fortress presentation card.

Free postage.

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